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Date Title Speaker Files
11/19/2017 What does it mean to repent Lee Hyatt
11/12/2017 What does the Lord want from me Lee Hyatt
11/05/2017 The christian and the old testament Lee Hyatt
11/05/2017 Where are our priorities Lee Hyatt
10/29/2017 Jesus and the Scriptures Lee Hyatt
10/29/2017 The other side of Love Lee Hyatt
10/22/2017 Four Attitudes Toward Truth Lee Hyatt
10/22/2017 What does it really mean to be a Disciple pt1 Lee Hyatt
10/15/2017 Arguments Against Baptism Lee Hyatt
10/15/2017 When it feels like God is against you Lee Hyatt
10/08/2017 Barnabus-The Son of Encouragement Lee Hyatt
10/01/2017 Five things about Marriage Lee Hyatt
10/01/2017 Mary, Marha and unanswered prayers Lee Hyatt
09/24/2017 Is Joseph Smith a true profet of God Lee Hyatt
09/24/2017 Conversation on the road to Emmaus Lee Hyatt
09/17/2017 Faith the least understood Bible subject Lee Hyatt
09/17/2017 Praying in the name of Jesus Lee Hyatt
09/10/2017 Kitchens and Fellowship Halls Lee Hyatt Download
09/03/2017 Keys to a Great Revival Lee Hyatt
08/27/2017 The Sponsoring Church Arrangements Lee Hyatt Download
08/20/2017 The Ten Plagues Lee Hyatt
08/20/2017 Church Sponsored Orphans Homes Lee Hyatt
08/13/2017 Strong Churches Lee Hyatt
08/06/2017 Two are better than one L-4 Lee Hyatt
08/06/2017 What it really means to a disciple of Christ, and what that really means for church membership Lee Hyatt Download
07/30/2017 are you beneficial to Christ Lee Hyatt
07/30/2017 Two are better than One P-2 Lee Hyatt
07/23/2017 Two are better than One P-1 Lee Hyatt
07/23/2017 Who were the real Troublers of Isreal P-3 Lee Hyatt
07/16/2017 Who were the real troublers of Isreal Lee Hyatt
06/25/2017 The Scouting Report Rerx Shearin
06/25/2017 Parable of the Sword Duane Combs
06/18/2017 Modest Apparel Lee Hyatt
06/04/2017 The Prodigal Son--failed to plan for success Lee Hyatt
05/28/2017 The Parable of the Prodical--The Elder Brother Lee Hyatt
05/28/2017 The Prodigal Son Lee Hyatt
05/21/2017 What does it mean to be Worldly Lee Hyatt
05/21/2017 Reverencing God in Worship Lee Hyatt
05/14/2017 What do you fear Lee Hyatt
05/07/2017 Faith of Abraham Lee Hyatt
05/07/2017 How do i know if i need Baptized Lee Hyatt
04/30/2017 The Story of Uzziah-The Problem of Pride Lee Hyatt
04/30/2017 The Story of Manasseh-Lousy start, Strong Finish Lee Hyatt
04/26/2017 Rise Up (acts3) Terry Francis
04/25/2017 Walking on Water Terry Francis Download
04/23/2017 The Final Week Terry Francis Download
04/23/2017 The Cross Terry Francis Download
04/23/2017 The Betrayer (Judas) Terry Francis Download
04/23/2017 The Grim Reaper(Cain) Terry Francis Download
04/09/2017 God's New Chosen People Lee Hyatt
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